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Immersion English - Beginners

This course will develop the skills and confidence students need to communicate effectively in English。Teaching will be combined with classroom activities to develop students' knowledge of grammar, as well as their reading, listening, speaking and writing skills。The skills they learn in this course will prepare them well for success in school and other areas of life

Immersion English - Intermediate Level

This course will teach students to use their previous knowledge of English to improve their fluency and accuracy。Teaching will be combined with classroom activities to develop students' skills in grammar, vocabulary, paragraph structure and essay writing。Students will develop the reading, writing and oral skills needed to succeed in school and other fields。

Mathematical concept

The 15 highest-earning college degrees are all math-related, so a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts and how to apply them will help students excel in all areas of their lives later in life。The class covers many mathematical concepts such as number sense, mathematics of the mind, representation, symmetry, sequence and series, figures, relationships, rates of change, and more。 Students who score less than 40% on the SSAT should take this course before enrolling in 利记app下载's SSAT Math course。

* In order to fully develop students' literary and mathematical abilities, this course suggests pairing with 利记app下载's vocabulary enhancement and Soft Power Unlocking courses。

Improve vocabulary

丰富的词汇促进阅读理解与沟通能力,甚至能提高学生创造性和灵活思维的能力;这些技能将帮助学生在课堂与生活中脱颖而出。利记app下载's vocabulary improvement program will help students develop a sound understanding of vocabulary and use it effectively, and continue to build their vocabulary after completing the program。Students who score less than 40% on the SSAT Verbal Reasoning exam should take this course before entering 利记app下载's SSAT English program。

* In order to fully develop students' literary and mathematical abilities, it is recommended to pair this course with 利记app下载's Mathematical Concepts and Soft power Unlocking course。

Advanced reading class

The course focuses on reading comprehension in English at grade level by gaining a deeper and more accurate understanding of the reading process and building meaning from a range of literary and information sources。By establishing a variety of reading strategies, students will develop effective skills to critically analyze, interpret, paraphrase, and summarize different types of texts in order to achieve reading skills above grade level and successfully achieve their academic goals, such as private school applications and SSAT exams。

Writing - (Basic/Advanced)

The course will be divided into basic and advanced classes, where students will hone their writing skills and develop different writing styles。Students will be able to express their thoughts and experiences clearly。In addition, students will learn a wide range of writing skills in class from conception, drafting, revision, editing, proofreading, and strategy。Upon completion of the course, students will be more confident and successful in an academic writing environment。

Course tutor

Private school training courses for 利记app下载 Young Scholars are the most popular courses for private school entrance preparation,And in view of some students with individual needs,Teachers will follow the progress of students' private school preparation and individual circumstances,Develop a set of customized teaching blueprint for private school enrollment,Teachers will also follow the students' absorption,Adjust teaching methods,To ensure that the quality of learning is maximized,And unlock the learning potential of each student。In terms of subject tutoring,利记app下载 has sufficient teacher resources and offers a wide range of courses, such as English, calculus, physics, chemistry, biology, French and so on。If you are interested, please make an appointment for the preliminary assessment. We will analyze the current situation of the students with you after the assessment, and give the next stage of private school application planning。

Soft Power Unlocked - Basic Class

In this course, students will learn soft skills such as communication skills, teamwork and problem solving。Situations will be created in which students are encouraged to face difficult situations, develop resilience, and become aware of how their actions will affect their learning。The class will use a variety of instructional activities such as teamwork, team building and well-designed games to encourage students to respect each other while working together. Students will be able to become more competent and confident in creative thinking and interpersonal skills through the course。

Soft Power Unlocks - Advanced class

The course will unlock soft skills such as communication skills, conflict resolution, leadership and critical thinking skills that are necessary to be a top student, from everyday classroom to private school applications 。Classroom activities such as strategy games, team building and analytical exercises will challenge students to exceed classroom expectations。After completing the Soft Power Unlock course, students will be confident and independent, and demonstrate their soft power and special character。

This course is recommended for pairing with SSAT courses


SSAT Preview

The SSAT consists of four components -- reading comprehension, verbal reasoning, writing and mathematics,The teaching will be divided into two classes,Students can pass math and writing proficiency courses, To improve your skills in problem solving, reasoning, story building and creativity,And through reading comprehension and verbal reasoning,I have steadily improved my comprehension of core concepts, paragraph analysis, oral vocabulary, and appropriate use of metaphors,Each student can strengthen their weaknesses according to their own projects。